Triumph Of Time⎜Corruption Of The Body

by Code Blue Coma



released November 29, 2013

Recorded in August/September 2013 at The 79 Sound, Cologne //

Produced and Engineered by Christoph Scheidel

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, Palo Alto CA //

Artwork by Benedikt Demmer

Released by Acuity Music 2013

CBC is Olaf, Matthias, Nico, Dave and Artur

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all rights reserved


Code Blue Coma Mönchengladbach, Germany

The social entity guided by force, deprived of originality and freewill. Time is fleeting for those who wait. Enthusiasm is vitality. Code Blue Coma.

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Track Name: Honestly, I Will Lie Again
pinpoints penetrate paper skin
I am my own master, nothing can break me
reach for my open hand
it’s a safe haven,
poisoned promises penetrate the traumatized
again and again, a thousand times
bloodshot eyes
blurry sight
one last time
pale with fright
this doesn’t feel alright
caught in illusions
a stranger to light
sedated, alone, paralyzed
Track Name: The Short Summer Of Anarchy
self reflection is self destruction
razor sharp thoughts
slitting my wrists
armed to the teeth
for the battle against myself
killing my worst enemy is
killing the only friend I got
still the only constant is change
endless ocean, drowning in these waves
now is all I own!
with every breath I take, I feel the end stepping close
I live in fear
I’ll die with hope
I face myself hanging on a rope
not able to cope
with time like sand
slipping through my hands
I am my own slave!
“if you don’t start somewhere, you’re gonna go nowhere!”
start somewhere, here and now!
Track Name: Assassinate The Weatherman
face to face with my demons
I sold my soul
I swallow the truth
in order to lose control
these walls are closing in
passion runs so thin
comfort is addiction, my drug
the unknown my holy antidote
apathy means nothing to me
the truth is dead
I must confess!
a drop of water in an ocean
changing directions like a leaf in the wind
lost like a paper house in the storm
torn between norms
born to conform!
Track Name: King's Crown In The Crapper
fuck yeah you heard me right
when I said I cannot look you in your eyes
and even if I wanted to
I couldn’t put my trust in you
not even my closest ones
made me feel I am their beloved son
I wish I had a loaded gun
that could protect me from another morning sun
this house caved in the day I was born
deprived of any soul
I’m dancing in the floating dust
never learned how to love
grand master of temporary lust
love, lust, temporary love
I am on a wrecked ship,
meant to go down,
do I swim with the sharks
or do I choose to drown?
life ‘s a lie, death a promise
useless like a metronome
that’s beating slightly out of rhythm
the crown of creation
deprived of any soul
we’re dancing in the floating dust
never learned how to love
grand masters of temporary lust
Track Name: Switching Dimensions
existences not created by individual mind capacity
but the unseizable power of a vast majority
clones copy conceivable actions, thoughts and feelings
while every single ounce of their potential
suffocates underneath a pile of wasted lifetimes.
Track Name: No Money For New Specs
destructive paths
trodden with implicitness
delusional wanderers
wearing the mask of progression
multipresent horrors disguised
traces vanish if you are taught to be blind
artificial truths justified
I know nothing
questions are my everything!
is there something I live for?
why am I just like I am?
where do I want to go?
is there another point of view?
questioning is my everything
reopening scars
ready for pain
razorblade wounds
licking the acid from my veins
examine yourself
examine everything
question yourself