Vs. Goliath

by Code Blue Coma

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CODE BLUE COMA is: David Loacker, Olaf Plömacher, Nico Kremer & Matthias Graab.

Guest appearance on "Hunting Accident" by Rob Fusco.

Recorded in June 2015 at HELL SMELL STUDIO, Italy (www.hellsmell.com). Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Gavazzi.

Artwork by Chris Weiss at BLACK CLOUD DESIGN (www.blackclouddesign.com).

Thanks to the ones above and everyone we love – you know who you are!


released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Code Blue Coma Mönchengladbach, Germany

The social entity guided by force, deprived of originality and freewill. Time is fleeting for those who wait. Enthusiasm is vitality. Code Blue Coma.

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Track Name: An Open Letter To A Pile Of Shit
Only one light shines
Hidden in run down places
Just a moment in time
I’d die to feel alive


Distorted songs and insanity
Underground thoughts and ugly freaks
My heroin when pain runs deep

I won’t run
I won’t hide
May my head be my home tonight.
Circling around petty times
Caught in recounting compromises
The past is dead
Solely the present is my life
I am sinking into
The only thing
I can truly call mine
The deeper I go
The higher I climb

I put regret aside, kiss my enemies goodnight

Hope is dead

I say this without a smile
I feel ashamed to be one of your kind
Tell me how to believe and I’ll try
Make me taste the sweetness of your lie
And drive the sharpest blade into my side
I’ll smile, take the pain
And focus my mind

Distorted songs and insanity
Underground thoughts thought by ugly freaks

Track Name: Vs. Goliath
Catching fire in a burning world.

Become one with all the wasteland and ashes
Crown, body and bones, bullet-holes
Catching fire in a burning world

Only in weak moments I tend to forget
Brute force, disintegration and death
In the name of any possible reason
Minds without reason can create.

Forever defiant
Born Again
Fighting Goliath
Until the very end

Sons of daughters born from neglect
You’ve crossed the dead end so why let the voice remain dead silent?

Catching fire in a burning world

You want me down?
Well that’s fine
I rather die with none grieving by my side.
So I become one with the millions dying in vain.
Reality is insanity so who are you to judge who’s insane?
Violence is weakness
Deficient beings
Foundation of the mass

Deficiency – foundation of the mass

At war with an army of giants
Day by day
Track Name: Fail To Feel
I found comfort in separation
The further the distance, the better I feel
Being close to you is like suffering from a sickness
No one can heal

(And kill yourself)

I wish my third eye was blind so I fail to feel
Pushed into misanthropy by a view oriented on reality
I fail to feel

I break down

Bottled up loathing vs. bottomless fear
You against your own but for all the end is near
Bottled up hatred vs. bottomless fear
You against your own but for all the end is near

No solution (it’s only getting worse)
Plane crash (no surviving passengers)

How should we ever learn to love,
if all we teach is hate, segregation, division into
heritage, social status or race
I feel misplaced
I won’t sign your contract, with no option to go back

(And kill yourself)

I found love in separation
The further the distance, the better I feel
Being close to you is like suffering from a sickness
No one can heal
Track Name: Hunting Accident
Craving for a glimpse of a memory
Oblivion my sworn enemy

Rope or guillotine?
Trapped in acid dreams

“I wish I could go with you”
Daily agony is what you are going through
Days before your body left
What made me love was gone and dead.

You were not there when they burned your frame
You are not where your ashes remain
A hostile place for humans to meet
Since they all march to the same beat (death guaranteed)

Love lost
Grief earned
Blue for life
Nothing learned

I should have shed more tears than I actually did
But I couldn’t, I have to admit.
So what is wrong? Gone are times when I heard somebody say “son.”
Pain should be involved but it isn’t.

You don’t need eyes to see there’s no way out of this hell
There’s but one guarantee
The code will come for you and me
You need to let me out

But this is not about the fate of humanity
Sing the song of loss for what you call family